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Extend the life of your current ion exchange resin. Recirculation Technologies, LLC, can clean it!

The Sugar Refinery Challenge

  • Frustrated because new process resin is hard to get?
  • We have the solution to bridge the gap before new resin arrives!
  • We will clean it!

Recirculation Technologies will clean your resin, using our patented process, as we have done for other sugar refineries worldwide. You can maintain you production levels, reduce uncertainty, and save money—all at once!

Will our process work for you?

Call Stuart Bryan, CEO, or John Finley, COO, at 215-682-7099 to discuss how RTI can solve your process resin challenges. 

Or take these three quick and easy steps—for free!

  1. Take one minute and fill out the form to the right to request a Resin Sample Analysis Kit
  2. When the kit arrives, complete the info requested and return the samples to us, using the prepaid FedEx address label
  3. RTI will contact you with the results

It’s that simple! Get to know us and you’ll soon learn to love us! We guarantee your process will improve.

Fast Facts on RTI:

  • 30 years of proven experience in cleaning ion exchange resins
  • Patented and proprietary process
  • Successful in over 200 industrial plants – with over 80% repeat business
  • Demonstrated success in sugar refinery applications (see customer stories)
  • Guaranteed resin performance improvement

RTI Sugar Stories

  • Cleaned mixed bed deashing resin
  • Achieved 5%+ increase in deashing capability
  • Extended current resin life by more than six months
  • Cleaned decolorizing resin
  • Capacity increased on average 180%+
  • Facility now uses cleaned resin instead of new
  • Postponed buying new resin for 18 months

Sugar Overview

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