How We Do It

Recirculation Technologies, LLC knows that every industrial plant is different.  Each plant faces obstacles specific to inlet water conditions, equipment and water demand.  RTI designs a program for each facility that addresses each of these hurdles.

RTI Offers the Best and Fastest Analysis – It’s crucial that you know what is limiting water plant production and reducing cost effectiveness.

  • Resin – Offering a complete analysis of anion and cation resin including moisture content, resin capacities, organic fouling, metals and hardness.
  • RO – In order to fully understand the RO system, periodic membrane testing is recommended.
  • Tech Audit / Other Resources – A deeper look into the function of the water plant, including the regeneration process, operator training and equipment issues.

Easy to Implement – Done on-site using patented and proprietary protocols that have proven effective in more than 160 industrial plants in the United States and Canada.

  • Resin Cleaning – RTI comes directly to the plant. When cleaning resin, the resin never leaves the plant site.   It is removed from the vessel and cleaned in the RTI resin cleaning trailer.   There is no need to have a second charge of resin on hand.    The process is simple and requires little supervision from plant personnel.
  • RO Membrane Cleaning – Can be done on or off site depending on the needs of the plant. Expert cleaning chemicals to deal with the specific issues of the membranes.
  • Fast and Emergency Service – RTI understands that when problems arise, a quick response is needed. Whether you need resin removed for a vessel repair or a full cleaning, we are ready to act.

Most Experienced – RTI personnel have years of experience working with ion exchange resin and RO membranes.

Rigorous Follow-Up – Regular meeting with RTI over an extended period of time to update progress and develop additional improvement plans.

Your Full Service Resource For Water System Improvement!