Water Plant Technical Audits

RTI’s Technical Audit program identifies five key factors into account to produce an action oriented report that identifies and priorities an action oriented report that identifies and priorities key water plant improvement opportunities.

The RTI Water Plant Technical Audit analyzes and quantifies the efficiency of your water plant’s chemistry and operating results compared to industry standards.  In detail, the audit looks at:

  • Throughput analysis, comparing trains, design vs. actual and actual vs. inlet conditions.
  • System design review, comparing vessel sizes, resin volumes, service flows and equipment to industry best practices.
  • Regeneration review, including a step-by-step comparison against original OEM design and industry best practices.
  • Equipment inspection to determine the condition of the vessels, valving, piping, instrumentation and dilution skids.
  • Resin and membrane history and current capabilities.
  • Data monitoring programs and use of data for decision making.
  • Operator training and reporting to determine completeness and consistency.

RTI’s Technical Audits cut the costs of operating the water system, makes the system more reliable and consistent, and improves the monitoring and use of key information.

How to Get Started

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