Water Manager Software

Knowing that no two water plants are exactly alike, the Water Manager software is customized to the exact specifications for your plant by inputting key process data.

About RTI’s Water Manager Software

The primary purpose for an industrial water plant is to produce enough high quality water to meet the demand of the rest of the operation.  When water plants are running 24 / 7 / 365, this is not an easy task.  Failure will surely lead to thousands, if not millions, of dollars in increased operating cost, along with potential lost plant output.  RTI’s Water Manager software uses critical variables to predict when your water plant should easily meet the demand and more importantly, when meeting the demand will be difficult.

RTI’s Water Manager software is specifically designed to make the collection and use of key water plant information easier and more effective.


Trending past variables, looking at various scenarios and predicting future performance through use of the software will significantly enhance decision making and results.  Meeting the water demand, while still optimizing costs, is the ultimate goal.  Monitoring and using information can help reach that goal.  Each day challenging variables impact results:

Water Manager Output

Conductivity, the software looks back at the past to determine the future. Based on history, the program will show the expected and worst case conductivity for the next six months:

Throughput, based on the projected conductivity combined with the expected resin capacity from the salt split curve. In this case, with and without resin cleaning are compared:

Salt Split Capacity Curve, the salt split degradation over time is calculated based on real world data and local experience:

Operating Cost Analysis, the expected costs associated with predicted throughput, again here comparing with and without cleaning:

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