RO Membrane Restoration

RTI’s Predictive Restoration RO Membrane Service combines Chemical Restoration with Predictive Maintenance to ensure that RO systems remain at peak effectiveness.

About RTI RO Membrane Restoration

Reverse osmosis membranes are at the heart of many water treatment systems, and those membranes must be maintains so that they can properly remove hardness elements, particulates and other microbiological and natural organics that are suspended in the treated water that flows through it.  Fouled membranes lower permeate flow rates and drive up operating costs.  RTI solved this costly problem by restoring membranes, rather than replacing them.

Your system’s water restoration maintenance needs to be based on water conductivity…not the calendar.


The Chemical Restoration portion of RTI’s approach can be performed on-site or off-site – delivered either by utilizing mobile cleaning tractor-trailers, equipped with cleaning vessels and testing capability, and operated by a highly trained, two-man crew, or by sending membranes to a centrally located cleaning facility.

Chemical Restoration (Click to Expand)

  • Removes organic and hardness fouling
  • Extends the life of the RO membranes
  • Performed either on-site at your plant or off-site at a highly qualified facility in Houston, TX
  • Substantially increases permeate flow rates and significantly decreases operating costs
  • Less than half the cost of membrane replacement

Predictive Maintenance (Click to Expand)

  • Restoration based on water conductivity…not the calendar
    • Regularly scheduled restoration may be ineffective and costly since surface feed water quality varies
    • Waiting too long to restore membranes drives up costs
    • EconoTrac(TM) normalization and prediction models based on actual membrane samples determine the best timing to optimize costs and water availability
  • Reduces operational costs and associated water risks
  • Ensures that water purification systems are operating in a proper manner

Consulting Services and Products (Click to Expand)

  • Expert and thorough analysis of membranes with detailed analytical reporting
  • Expert reviews of current systems, including
    • Equipment design and capability
    • Improvements to current procedures
    • Operator performance and training
  • Availability of new and used membranes

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