RTI Offers New Resin Option

RTI Offers New Resin Option

When cleaning is not an option any more, RTI can supply new resin from Lanxess for most applications.  Just contact your RTI sales rep for information and next steps.

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RTI has shown, over many systems, that resin and membranes can often be cleaned so that throughput can be restored at costs lower than replacement.  But many times resin and membranes are not healthy enough to be cleaned and need to be replaced.  RTI can make replacement happen as well; in fact, RTI is the only resource that can combine cleaning and replacement to provide the most effective solutions for all industrial water systems.

RTI has teamed with Lanxess to provide a replacement option for both the highest quality ion exchange resins and RO membranes in the marketplace today.  Lanxess is a global specialty chemicals company that makes a number of chemical products in over 29 countries, all focused on the best use of current technologies and bringing the highest value to their customers.

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