Our History

The proprietary RTI approach has been proven to be an effective positive resource for hundreds of plants already.

Many process plants have struggled to keep up with water system maintenance demands, while at the same time experiencing both problems monitoring system data, resin life and system throughput, and rising costs from suppliers.

The RTI approach to solving these problems has been proven to be an effective positive resource for many plants already:

  • RTI started in 2001 by acquiring resin cleaning technology from Betz Laboratories
  • New patented technologies were developed and commercialized in 2006
    • Validated by a third-party national engineering firm
  • RTI now services hundreds of plants across the U.S.
    • Restored more than 750,000 cubic feet of resin
    • Saved customers millions of dollars in operating costs
    • In refinery, chemical, electric utility and paper industries
  • RTI was purchased in 2012, which:
    • Provided growth capital and energy to grow in size and scope
    • Expanded services to water managers
    • Developing new technologies and partnerships focused on water system efficiency and effectiveness
  • Management strategy focused on measurable customer improvements and consistently exceeding customer needs

When RTI’s processes are combined with the software and know-how contained within both RTI and your water plant, the result is the industry’s most convenient and cost effective solution for keeping water systems performing at optimum levels.

You now have the ability to tap into actionable knowledge that will allow you to solve many long standing issues and proactively stay ahead of the game.  No other resources takes as comprehensive a look at water system improvement as RTI.

Your Full Service Resource For Water System Improvement!