About RTI

Recirculation Technologies, LLC (RTI) has the patented process, customer experience and specific resources needed to meet your organization’s critical water needs.

RTI is here to be your complete water solutions provider – offering a diverse range of products and consulting services, including Ion Exchange Resin Restoration and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Restoration for the chemical, energy, and paper industries.

Pure water is the lifeblood of every process plant – in fact, the heart of every plant.


In addition to high-touch customer service, RTI has the following competitive advantages over alternative methods of water system improvement:


  • Restore +™ is a patented process for cleaning anion resin and is better than brine cleaning.
  • Our mobile cleaning (RO + Resin) capability is unique in the industry.
  • We have a comprehensive portfolio of protocols and procedures and a record of successful cleanings.
  • Our team offers a single source of technical guidance and support services, including laboratory testing of resins, that is not generally available from other sources.

RTI has serviced hundreds of satisfied energy utility, refinery, chemical and paper production facilities.


How to Get Started

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